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At DeHart Construction, we have extensive experience constructing industrial refrigeration plants with all types of refrigeration systems. While there are many types of refrigeration systems used in various industries, ammonia refrigeration systems are found quite commonly in industrial refrigeration plants. This type of system utilizes anhydrous ammonia, which is simply ammonia without water. Ammonia is commonly used in commercial refrigeration systems, meaning that many of the foods we eat every day have at some point been kept in an ammonia-based refrigeration system. Some examples include ice cream, beer, fruit juice, soft drinks, fish, and meat. Because ammonia refrigeration systems are used in so many different industrial refrigeration facilities, including petrochemical plants and cold storage warehouses, we have made it a point to become experts in all aspects of these systems.

One of our biggest concerns when building ammonia refrigeration systems for our refrigeration plants is the safety of your workers. There is always a risk involved when working with hazardous materials such as ammonia. Workers can be subject to skin contact with ammonia, inhalation of the fumes, ammonia explosions and fires. While we cannot directly control the actions of your workers, we do everything in our power to make sure that the systems are free of manufacturing defects and other problems that could lead to future accidents. In addition, we can recommend specific safeguards and procedures that your company can adopt if you are new to ammonia refrigeration systems. OSHA offers many training programs for company owners and their employees, an absolute must for anyone using ammonia-based refrigeration, no matter how experienced.

In addition to making your industrial refrigeration plant as safe as possible for your workers, our biggest concern is making sure that your refrigeration systems are as energy-efficient as possible even as we tailor them to your particular needs. Because each plant we construct is unique, customized for the company we are building for, there is a danger that the performance of the various parts of the refrigeration systems may be less than optimal when combined. Fortunately, at DeHart Construction we have extensive knowledge of all aspects of industrial refrigeration systems, and our engineers are experts at making all aspects of the systems work together. We optimize the performance of your refrigeration systems so that they are as energy-efficient as possible, saving your company money in both the short and long term.

While there are many companies that can offer you a cookie-cutter industrial refrigeration plant that they’ve also built for dozens of other companies, at DeHart Construction we believe that your refrigeration plant and its systems should be an extension of your company’s purposes and needs. No two companies are alike, and no two refrigeration plants should be alike. When you contact us, we will take the time to find out the exact needs of your company and will then present our plan for building you the perfect industrial refrigeration warehouse. If you want the highest-quality construction combined with our customization and unique personal touch, look no further than DeHart Construction.

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