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DeHart Construction is proud to provide cold chain storage consulting as part of our cold storage construction services. A cold chain consists of a supply chain that is temperature controlled such that materials or products being transported are maintained at a given temperature range throughout the process of transport, storage and distribution. Cold chains are used to ensure that products maintain their freshness and viability and arrive intact. Cold chain management is of particular importance in the pharmaceutical, agricultural, and commercial frozen food industries.

When we started building cold storage warehouses and other cold storage facilities, we realized that many of our clients were involved in cold chains, whether they ran the entire cold chain or were simply another link in that chain. This is why we decided to make it our business to learn everything we could about efficient and effective cold chain management, allowing us to offer our clients a higher level of service. When you decide to take part in our cold chain storage consulting service, we will carefully analyze every aspect of your business before offering the most cohesive plan for your needs. Every link in a cold chain is equally important in order to maintain the quality of the product being manufactured and distributed, so we make sure that you take into consideration all the details involved at each level of the chain.

Because DeHart Construction specializes in cold storage facility construction, we are experts at making sure that all of the facilities in the cold chain are able to do what they’re supposed to do. When you hire us for cold chain consulting services, we can do everything from reviewing the specs of each storage facility to actually making site visits to evaluate their effectiveness and efficiency. We are able to make specific recommendations to improve each facility to maximize their value and effectiveness as part of the cold chain.

Often the weakest link in a cold chain is the process of transporting the product from one location to another. We have industry contacts that specialize in cold chain transportation, and we can recommend the right one for your particular needs as part of our cold chain storage consulting service. The best transportation services constantly monitor the temperatures of the products being transported and allow you to view that information and other transportation information remotely through your computer.

At DeHart Construction, we take great pride in offering only the highest-quality services to our customers, and our cold chain storage consulting service is no exception to that. We have a full understanding of all aspects of the cold chain industry, from the many different types of cold storage facilities to the many options available for temperature-controlled transportation of goods. We want to make sure all of our clients are completely satisfied with our service, whether we are constructing the perfect cold storage facility for a client or are giving advice on how to manage a cold chain efficiently and effectively. If you need help in managing a cold chain service, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at DeHart Construction.

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