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At DeHart, our mission is to deliver quality cold storage construction projects on time, within budget, and to your exact specifications. Since its founding in July 2008, the DeHart name has been synonymous with excellence in construction.

DeHart Construction provides a number of services, and is an industry leader in the construction of cold storage facilities. Our team is highly trained and experienced in designing and implementing products which adhere to a number of protocols and design criteria advocated by the Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures, Critical Control Points and Good Manufacturing Practices.

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Industry leader in the construction of cold storage facilities

A blast freezer, also called a flash freezer or shock freezer, is used to rapidly cool and freeze foods and other substances. Blast freezers are capable of holding items at extremely cold temperatures.

We specialize in the construction of both standard cold storage warehouses and warehouses used for food processing. We have an outstanding track record for on-time project completion and unparalleled quality.

A cold chain consists of a supply chain that is temperature controlled such that materials or products being transported are maintained at a given temperature range throughout the process of transport, storage and distribution.

DeHart Construction designs and builds every food processing plant with full consideration of your possible future needs and any potential market shifts.

While there are many types of refrigeration systems used in various industries, ammonia refrigeration systems are found quite commonly in industrial refrigeration plants.

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